YAM II Return of the Killer Potato f Mac 2.2.5

YAM II Return of the Killer Potato f Mac 2.2.5



Size:82.5 MB

Date Added:31 December, 2012

Author: jalada GmbH

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YAM returns on the screen with YAM II. YAM II : Return of the Killer Potato takes place a short time after the end of the previous installment, Yam the Killer Potato. With the apparent defeat of the enemy leader, Galdov, the Potatos have regained their confidence in winning the war and have uncovered a secret hidden on their own homeworld! Four Crystals known as the Fire, Time, Space and Reality Crystals were being hunted by the alien invaders. However thanks to the bravery of a Potato called Yam the Crystals were kept out of enemy hands. Yam now leads the Potatos in a mission to take back their homeworld from the aliens invaders who are still present and put an end to the war once and for all. With his knowledge of combat, Yam intends to lead the Potatos across their homeworld in a series of strategic strikes on enemy strong holds, supply lines and bases. YAM II : Return of the Killer Potato is a mission and objective based 3D action game. The player assumes the role of a Potato solider called Yam and must fight there way through various environments to complete missions and progress the story line. Key Features: + Explore and battle in full 3D environments + Use and aquire mutliple weapons (uzis, shotguns, grenades) + Fight familiar enemies - Assimilated Potatos, Eye Droids, Spider Potatos, Sentry Guns + Auto targetting enables you to maintain a lock on enemies whilst dodging around + Optional Blood and Gore + Boss Battles
Requirements: Hardware: Modern PC with 128 MB 3D graphic card. 250 MB free hard disk.

Systems: Mac OS X, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.3, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac PPC

Tags: yam   action   arcade   mac   action game   platform game   challenge   potaoes   potato   level   opengl   pacman   quake   doom   wolfenstein   unreal   arena   shooter   mission   indiana jones   marathon   hexen   duke nukem   ego shooter   jump and run   hide and seek   medal  

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